Thursday, July 19, 2012


I hope everyone got a good idea of the beauty we were surrounded in! i may post more photos on the 'meet the family' page some time. In the meantime I want to share with you our fun times in seattle the city of rain for which we saw none. We arrived tired and signed into our hostel at hotel hostel seattle (you really must check this place out!) They have a family room that was the perfect size for all 6 of us. After all the crazy travelling and being around so many different people it was nice to unwind. We did get out to eat at jai thai in fremont and it was my brothers first introduction to thai food! I dont think he was disappointed, especially since they had fried ice cream! Then we walked off our dinner around the town and enjoyed their first friday art walk. For those worried that clayton and i have not had any time to our selves rest at ease for my brother was kind enough to watch the kiddos after they went to bed back at the hostel, he is a saint really! Clayton and in had a great time seeing fremont in the evening and we found a kick ass beer pub with 64 beers on tap! it was no navare res but it was nice to be able to sample the local flavor. For those who are unaware Clayton is a darn good brewer and part of this trip is to check out what the brews on the west coast are like. The next day was Brian's last day with us so we tried to see as many sights in seattle as we could. We made it to pikes market, a really cool pier with an arcade and carousel, and he even got up into the space needle. It was really hard to let him go back to maine but i am sure he was happy to be home. I have to say that i have the most incredible little brother of all time!! I wish him well with his high school adventures and feel certain that what ever he chooses to do in life it will be fulfilling. Thank you brian for being courageous and joining us on this trip you made it unforgettable <3

The next day we went to the fremont sunday market where their are really no words for...if you ever get to seattle i would say go there if you can!! they sell all kinds of hand made jewelry and pottery and clothes and the coolest junk ever ;) Its also close to the pcc co-op which is a very snazzy place!After the market we took the bus to the coast and walked on some trails where the salmon creeks are and the kids got to play in the water.  We decided to extend our seattle trip to one more day and thankfully our most amazing host Colleen allowed us to crash at her house again( we were only at the hostel for the night my brother stayed with us). We were lucky that we had a friend from maine move to seattle just a couple of months before we headed out there. So our last day in seattle we made a kids day and spent our time at the childrens museum and i think the kids were really grateful to do something where they could run and yell and be free of travel for a bit. So all in all it was pretty simple and fun to be in that crazy big city. We rode the bus line more times than i can count but it was very dependable (except on sundays) and the people who ride the bus are friendly. The only thing i can say is that i would not wish to live in a city that is so expensive, you would have to spend all your time working to pay for a place to live! i would not mind living in a less expensive place and just go visit the city.

I hope you are all well and at peace, i will write again soon i promise! we will get caught up, and my blogs will not seem so hurried. Namaste, Nicole G.

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  1. Nicole ~ Thanks so much for sharing on this blog!!! I love the pictures and really love hearing about all of the adventures along the way. So glad you decided to set up this blog...lots of the family are able to follow along. Most of my family is now logged in. Everyone one looks very happy and healthy...and that makes me smile!!! Love you guys...hope the farm life will be a great experience. Let me know what kind of farm yall are on and where it is (more specifically than just Mt. Vernon...send email to me if that info. is considered private on this blog)...I would just love to know exactly where the farm in Washington is!! :) Be safe and enjoy your continued journey!
    All my love,