Wednesday, June 27, 2012


Some photos of union station , Chicago, the view out my train window...and a sweet sleeping boy. We will not have Internet while we are camping in glacier national park so we will be sharing those stories after July 5th! Happy fourth everyone!

Tut tut it looks like rain!

blog 6/24/2012

we started our journey with crepes and coffee and love from a good sister. Then we had our last good bye from friends sending us off at local sprouts. my mother and sister said goodbye to us at the train station and there were tears and hugs for all. We have a addition to our party!! My brother brian is joining us for part of our trip! We are taking him camping, and then on to seattle where we will stay over night in the hostel and send him on a plane back to maine the following day. We are so grateful that there were so many people supporting us on this trip. i cant tell you how many times i heard people tell us they wished they could come with us, i think it would have filled the train if they all could have come :) We made it to boston and got on the T to our hotel with ease and the boys enjoyed the ride despite the fact that they unanimously had to pee as we were getting on the subway! Thanks to my dad we had a very nice hotel right around the corner from the T exit and with warm weather, travel worn hearts and full bladders, we went up to our hotel. Did you know they have very nice cookies that they give everyone who stays at the doubletree? We were hoping to explore boston but travel at a childs pace is slow and exploratory. we made it to dinner at least! i believe the place was called vapiano and it was amazing and totally changed my opinion about the food in boston which up till now i understood to be greasy and lackluster. after dinner we walked around looking for a bookstore but having no luck decided to get back to the hotel for bed. our last night with lots of fluffy white pillows i was grateful for the rest. Namaste, Nicole

This morning we woke to find that the day looked like rain and we had to boogie out the door if we were to avoid walking in rain . yea that did not happen, more to follow on that note. So we went to breakfast in the hotel restaurant and all ate very well to prepare for the day. everything was going well and we were on schedule until clayton and i got stumped on the packing of food and transitioning some weight around in our packs. however we knew we were only a few blocks from the station and were not panicked. we left our hotel room with half an hour to travel the 10 min. it takes to get to the station...however we forgot about the rain! we tried to get onto the T to get to the station with out getting wet however we could not seem to figure out the purchase of tickets and made the dire mistake of turning out of the station and trying to walk with 3 kids, while wearing heavy packs and trying to use our iphone to navigate unfamiliar streets in one of the worst downpours i have ever been in. I have to say however that i have the most amazing children in the world. Sensing our situation they not only did not complain but they trekked through it all and kept our pace sloshing through puddles! our iphone had a hard time working the gps ( i am assuming because of the rain). So we were having to stop a lot to check it. You would think that some one could have helped us out but we were in china town and the only souls out on the streets were not speaking english! However we made it to the station 5 min. before the train was scheduled to leave and started running. I found out later that clayton and brian got there with the train still there (we were only 50 feet behind them) and the guy said they were not going to wait for us and as we caught up to them the train took off. I realize the train waits for no one but i felt that the early departure and the fact that we were clearly right there was overwhelming. I had never run so hard and fast in my life with an extra 80 lbs of weight on me in the pouring rain in an unfamiliar place with all my little babes did not leave me in a good place mentally i was shaking! and then to find out that the next available train to get us to glacier national park did not leave till the following week put me through a little bit of hell. So i called my mom. There are not many worse things to injure your pride than to be a woman grown and having to call your parents and admit failure due to incompetence. She however has a very cool mind and is a savy traveller. I think i should start asking wwmd from now on. She suggested i rent a car and drive to albany to catch the next train on our route. genius! I called AAA, bless them and after i told them my story they booked a rental for us. So we hopped on the bus to the air port and then caught the shuttle to budget rentals. Easy right? we had 5 hours to drive to albany and it only took three. WELL let me confess my disgust with the way systems work MUST have a credit card. ew. or if you dont you must have good credit ew ew ew. for those people reading this blog thinking that this is some way to protect the car rental companies from harm i would like you to be stranded with 3 kids your husband and a teenage brother that you are responsible for and then tell me what you think when no one can budge for emergencies. Enterprise would have budged had they cars available, i prefer enterprise and tried them first but alas no mini vans! So with some crazy money maneuvering that required me to go to the part of boston that resembled latin america where no one speaks english either but have some big saintly hearts and were willing to help in small ways that made a big difference to me.I was able to fix the situation and get back to my family in rental car land. However, by the time i made it back we lost the opportunity to catch the train in Albany!! Clayton already made this realization and had decided that we were to drive to chicago instead. Mind you this is 16 hours driving straight to make our train the following day!! holy moly batman this is where i am now as i write this, riding into the night with my family. You might say its been a bad day. It was. But the boys are watching movies and we are staying calm with our starbucks and listening to them laugh at scooby doo. I am writing this to you in my notes on the ipad and will post them when next i get to a wifi connection. Wish us luck! ~Namaste, Nicole

Ps, please forgive choppy writing and grammatical errors. I don't consider those things at the best of times let alone the worst.

Thursday, June 7, 2012

part the clouds, the sky is still there

Where does the time go? a cliche? Yes. But still, Relevent. We are only a few weeks away from hitting the train tracks and still we have a lot to prepare for. We are officially out of our apartment as of June 1st. and are fortunate to have friends who love us and want to visit with us before we leave. The last few weeks have been a test to my sanity. I mean if trying to let go of ones possesions and planning a trip of these proportions were not enough i am also a mother of three boys so sanity is always questionable. However, there is also Life's sense of humor to deal with. For instance while packing i opened the door to our bathroom to find that it was raining from the ceiling. Not funny 'HaHa'. Oh geez, well that is no longer my concern thank goodness. But then we had the pond that the rain grew for us in my friends back yard the week i was supposed to camp in it...yea i will post pics of that soon. Well if these are the tribulations i face to get closer to the earth and her mysteries i will take them gladly. No matter that i am lonely while my husband stays closer to work i am still resolute in this desicion. Its amazing when you have a purpose in your heart and everything pans out to allow something to happen. You have to just laugh at all the trials along the way. That is life, yes? Do not misread me, it is hard and i am frustrated but i know that these things will pass. A good friend of mine taught me a mantra of 'ease, and abundance' and its that simple. Sometimes you just have to let go of expectations and let life work for you. At the same time planting your seeds and tending your garden. Am i being a little too unclear? It will make sense some day just keep breathing deeply. For now know that i will wander the earth and i would love for you to join me on your own adventure. Until you get to that place when you are able to walk into your own life, i will share my stories/trials/and tribulations with you. With much love for the divine in you, Namaste. ~Nicole G.

Two Lights

 We are saying good bye to the east coast. All our lives are now further in the hands of fate. We are no longer attached to an apartment or a car. And are looking forward to the coming months. These are some photos of us at two lights which is our favorite place in the portland area....<3