Thursday, June 7, 2012

part the clouds, the sky is still there

Where does the time go? a cliche? Yes. But still, Relevent. We are only a few weeks away from hitting the train tracks and still we have a lot to prepare for. We are officially out of our apartment as of June 1st. and are fortunate to have friends who love us and want to visit with us before we leave. The last few weeks have been a test to my sanity. I mean if trying to let go of ones possesions and planning a trip of these proportions were not enough i am also a mother of three boys so sanity is always questionable. However, there is also Life's sense of humor to deal with. For instance while packing i opened the door to our bathroom to find that it was raining from the ceiling. Not funny 'HaHa'. Oh geez, well that is no longer my concern thank goodness. But then we had the pond that the rain grew for us in my friends back yard the week i was supposed to camp in it...yea i will post pics of that soon. Well if these are the tribulations i face to get closer to the earth and her mysteries i will take them gladly. No matter that i am lonely while my husband stays closer to work i am still resolute in this desicion. Its amazing when you have a purpose in your heart and everything pans out to allow something to happen. You have to just laugh at all the trials along the way. That is life, yes? Do not misread me, it is hard and i am frustrated but i know that these things will pass. A good friend of mine taught me a mantra of 'ease, and abundance' and its that simple. Sometimes you just have to let go of expectations and let life work for you. At the same time planting your seeds and tending your garden. Am i being a little too unclear? It will make sense some day just keep breathing deeply. For now know that i will wander the earth and i would love for you to join me on your own adventure. Until you get to that place when you are able to walk into your own life, i will share my stories/trials/and tribulations with you. With much love for the divine in you, Namaste. ~Nicole G.

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