Sunday, February 26, 2012

"One step at a time.."

My Husband (Clayton), Myself(Nicole), and our three sons: Elijah(8), Alyxander(4), Cedric(2). Will be travelling by train this summer to experience for ourselves the interconnected world in which we live. This blog will be a testament to our journey. If ever there is to be any change in this world it will start here in 2012, an auspicious year. We feel very strongly that we are raising a new generation who will need a different outlook on life than what can be gathered by the assembly line of thought this western culture has produced. The plan is to travel from Portland, ME to Seattle, WA with a stop in Montana's glacier national park. We will then proceed down the pacific coast to AZ, NM, and then arrive at the doorstep of our friends and family in Austin, TX. All this is hoped to be done by means of the WWOOF program, faith, love, and as much patience two people can maintain with three wily little manimals. We will chronicle all the steps along the way here to maybe be an inspiration that the only limitations are the ones you set for yourself....and the sky is the limit. 

“You must have chaos within you to give birth to a dancing star.” 


  1. No doubt this will be a grand adventure for you and your beautiful family! I, for one, am looking forward to reading all about the experiences you are forging for the coming summer and fall. Your family here, in Texas, will be so very happy to see you (and ALL of your handsome boys!) when you finally land here in late October. Although I feel excitement for your venture, I truly pray you will be safe always as you make this journey. We love you all very much....
    Love, NaNa

  2. The world is an awesome place to explore, to experience it's beauty and majesty. As you have so wisely chosen to embrace more of it, I hope your journey keeps you safe as you heard those young men along the way. They will forever cherish this trip and as you wish, the exposure will have a profound effect on their lives. You and Clayton are wise and bold to take this trip. I feel you will both experience more than you have imagined, experience joy beyond your dreams to forever keep close to your heart. As you meet the friends of the earth that are awaiting your destinations, be open, but also be aware. As a father, I know Clayton will be guarded with eyes open to warms way, so while you seek the good in others always be aware of those that are not. We all are with you in spirit, so go with our blessing and the good will that you have made a wonderful choice to do this now. Life is short and I know you will both love the journey. See you near the end of the road! Love Papa